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Water treatment

Although water covers 75 percent of the world’s surface, fresh water is an increasingly valuable resource. Freshwater resources constitute a small fraction of available water resources in the world, and are mostly confined to the water-bearing strata, surface water and the atmosphere. It is estimated that 1 billion people has a limited access to clean fresh water and 80 percent of diseases are water borne.

Grand Activated has an extensive experience in water treatment and supports water treatment processes in many large European cities. The main Grand Activated product is WG-12 activated carbon used in drinking water treatment that can be used in large water main systems, small filters and water tank systems. High specific surface area and high-quality porous structure allows WG-12 to remove organic contaminants, pesticides, detergents and microcontaminants hazardous to health. It can also be used to remove chlorine from water and to improve the taste and smell of water.