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Grand Activated Sp. z o. o. production process is based on several key processes. Activated carbon in different forms is used to effectively remove contaminants in many industries and environmental protection technologies. Activated carbon is made from hard coal sourced from selected Polish mines and from the Polish charcoal by thermal activation with steam. Our R&D department can develop products based on Customer specification.

A simplified production process:


The raw material is reduced in size in a mill.


Small coal fragments are mixed with binders and water and pressed into a cylindrical shape.


The pellets are dried to harden the surface.

Carbonization & activation

Activation is a key production process. The coal fragments are activated in large rotary furnaces with a large amount of heat and steam. The process opens the internal pores in coal structure and creates a large internal surface area with excellent adsorption properties.

Acid wash

Acid wash is applied to some products in order to reduce the ash content.

Finished product

Depending on raw material and production process Gryfskand can produce a wide range of different products for various industrial needs.