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Food products

Many products, including cooking oils, sugar, alcohol, beverages, and other food products are refined with activated carbon. Activated carbon is used in decolourization, to improve taste and smell of food and in other key processes. Organic and inorganic acids, e.g. adipic acid, lactic acid, citric acid and phosphoric acid are often decolourized using activated carbon to change the colour and improve the appearance of the end product. Grand Activated offers a wide range of products for food applications. Activated carbon applications include improving the appearance of sugar, removing caffeine from coffee beans, improving the appearance of cooking oils and removing colloidal solids from alcohols.

The main products for food applications offered by Grand Activated include:

  • AKPA-22
  • CWH-22
  • CWH-30
  • CWZ-14 1-4 mm
  • CWZ-22 1-4 mm
  • CWZ-22
  • CWZ-30

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